Service Parters

Chalifour Solutions works with a number of service partners to deliver great products to our clients.

Sometimes we recommend clients to contact the service partner directly in order to get specialized and immediate help with issues that may arise.

Contact Numbers

Domain Names, Website Hosting, and Email Accounts

GoDaddy: 1-866-938-1119

Domain Names

Rebel: 1-866-497-3235

Wordpress Website Hosting

InMotion Hosting: 1-888-321-4678

How-to Guides

Kaspersky offers a variety of how-to guides for everyday IT issues.

External Resource

Payment Methods


If you would like to pay with a cheque, simply mail the cheque to the address of the billing centre indicated on your invoice.

Credit Card / Debit Card

If you would like to pay with your credit or debit card, please inform us and we will send you a secure link where you can enter your card information online. Alternatively, you can provide your card information to us over the telephone.

Special Arrangements

Chalifour Solutions offers flexible billing options for our clients. If you would like to pay your invoice by a payment method not listed, please contact us to make a special arrangement.